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Power Analytics & Business Continuity The Top 10 Benefits of Paladin DesignBase
Ensuring Business Resilience Building Fault-Defiant Data Centers
The Top 10 Benefits of Paladin Live An Introduction to Model-Based Design
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DataCenters-NOCs Military-Defense
Energy & Utilities Petrochemical
Government Semiconductors
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Paladin Design Base Product Brief Paladin SmartGrid Product Brief
Paladin Design Base Programs Product Brief Paladin Reports Product Brief
Paladin Live Product Brief Paladin Gateway Product Brief
  Technical Whitepapers and Webinar Presentations
2013 Presentation: Webinar - Unlocking the Potential of Microgrids
PDC and ARC Flash Investigation Case Study
PDC Power Flow Analysis Case Study
Short Circuit and PDE Analysis Case Study
Real-time Power Analytics Software Increasing Production Availability in Offshore Platforms Case Study
2012 Presentation: Webinar - connectivity
2012 Presentation: Webinar - Financial benefits of analytics
2012 Presentation: Webinar - Opportunities and challenges of integrating wind and solar
2012 Presentation: Webinar - Unlocking Microgrids presentation
2012 ROI of Model-Validated Analytics Paper
2011 Unlocking Microgrids
2013 Microgrids: Implementation challenges
Power Analytics: A model-Based Approach to Availability, Energy, and Resource Management
2009 Uptime Institute---Power Analytics: A model-Based Approach to Availability, Energy, and Resource Management
2010 Uptime Institute---The Enterprise Data Center as a Microgrid
AGO Research: Energy Management Driven by Power Analytics
AGO Research: Minimizing Energy Costs in Data Centers & NOCs
Power Analytics - The Business of Power Analytics - Power Qualities New Frontier
Reliability, Availability & Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
The Mission Critical Triangle
Guidlines for Large Photovoltaic System Integration

The paper summarizes the result of a research project funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) in collaboration with the University of California at San Diego (UCSD),

Intelligent Automation and Controls of Power Industry Microgrid solutions
  Power is one of the fundamentals in developing and developed nations world-wide. Over 80% of the world’s population does not have reliable power.
A Users Guide To Arc Resistant Low Voltage Switchgear & Motor Control – Analytical Comparison VS Arc Flash Test Results
  This paper describes enhanced safety and maintenance features required within LV Motor Control Centers and Switchgear. Enhanced capabilities will include discussion of using NFPA 70E [1], ANSI C37.20.7 [2] and IEEE 1584 [3] in the development of low voltage arc resistance equipment.
The UCSD Microgrid –A Case Study in Success Virtual Microgrid Summit
  In many ways UCSD is like a small city. With over 45 thousand people on campus, and energy intensive research and medical facilities operating 7/24, the campus must be able to provide reliable, cost effective power. With $250M/yr. of new building construction, UCSD’s grid must be prepared for this expansion.
Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Wind, Solar and other Distributed Generation & Energy Storage
  Basic guidelines for the preparation of a technical work for in nearly every industry vertical, as the industry matures the industry goes through a transformation that involves innovation and efficiencies.


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