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Paladin DesignBase 5.0

Leading energy-intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids rely on Power Analytics' unique power system expertise for their most important projects. With more than two decades of experience in developing software solutions for electrical networks of all sizes, Power Analytics stands at the forefront of the electrical system planning, operation and smart grid market space. We offer specialized assistance for the design, modeling and analysis of your toughest network challenges including DC technologies, oil and gas facilities and alternative energy.


  Chart of Paladin DesignBase, Paladin Live and Paladin SmartGrid features
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  Paladin DesignBase Advanced Transient Stability Analysis image   Paladin DesignBase Theoretical Arc Flash Estimate image
  Paladin DesignBse Estimated Arc Flash Exposure image   Paladin DesignBase Transient Stability Simulation image
  Paldin DesignBase Advanced Electromagnetic Transient image   PaladinDesignBase Transient Stability Simulation image 2
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