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At Power Analytics, we have never been jaded by “Not Invented Here” thinking… especially when so many great minds are focused on solving the challenge of providing high-quality, reliable, low-cost energy required in the Digital Age.

Working independently and in concert with one another, forward-thinking researchers, universities and corporations – including Power Analytics – are working diligently to make microgrids and Smart Grids a commercial reality. In developing our Paladin SmartGrid platform, we’ve discovered – and heartily endorse – a wealth of information about some of leading research and development efforts taking place across America. Their vision and expertise is what will bring the next generation of “Perfect Power” to fruition.

Power Analytics is proud to be part of the dialogue with these thought leaders. We encourage you to explore the links below, and in particular, to read the book “Perfect Power,” a manifesto for energy revolution and independence, written by the leading visionary in the microgrid arena, The Galvin Electricity Initiative.

Perfect Power The Galvin Electricity Initiative: http://www.galvinpower.org/

“Perfect Power: How the Microgrid Revolution Will Unleash Cleaner, Greener, More Abundant Energy” http://www.galvinpower.org/book/

The Galvin Electricity Initiative: The Elements of the Perfect Power System http://www.galvinpower.org/files/Perfectpowerforiit.pdf

Master Controller Definition: http://www.galvinpower.org/files/MasterController_VCRevision.pdf

UC San Diego “Sustainability 2.0 Project”: http://sustain.ucsd.edu/

University of Illinois Report: “Empowering Consumers Through a Modern Electric Grid”: http://www.cnt.org/repository/ISGI.SummaryReport.pdf

Mesa Del Sol Report: “A Path to Perfect Power”: http://www.galvinpower.org/files/Mesa_del_Sol.pdf

Texas A&M “Smart Energy Campus Initiative”: http://epipc01.tamu.edu/seci/index.html

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