Industry Topics Training

Power Analytics is committed to providing the best power systems modeling and diagnosis products available; however powerful tools are just the start. Whether you need Paladin® DesignBase™ software training, a general power system course, or assistance using our software on your projects, our training and continuing education courses are the perfect way to continually add depth to your power systems design knowledge.

Paladin® DesignBase™ software is optimized for a variety of industrial applications. Our systems experts will show you industry trends and application knowledge to be successful in your career.

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DB-341: Optimal Design Using Simulation Based Methodology
Cost: $300 USD

Power Analytics’ Optimal design course is a 4-hour, online workshop that covers power systems modeling using a CAD system for design and analysis; tips in modeling a power system; organizing a project that refers to modeling a power system; project model layout, multiple pages model layout; Multiple drawings model layout; both multiple pages and drawings model layout; sizing the model page; largest number of buses per one page model; modeling the power system components, types of simulations in power systems (Power Flow; Short Circuit Analysis)

DB-351: Modeling and Design of Microgrids and Smart Grids
Cost: $500 USD

Course materials will provide advance knowledge of how these concepts and algorithms can be leveraged for practical implementations in microgrids and other commercial facilities. Students will get hands on training with modeling and design software, hands on knowledge of equipment and equipment factors, and lessons learned from practical implementations. The Power Analytics Paladin® DesignBase™ software will be used by each student using a temporary license for their PC.

DB-371: Introduction to Modeling and Design of Wind Farms
Cost: $500 USD

Power Analytics’ Modeling and Design of Wind farms course is a 6-hour, online workshop covers covers the current trends in wind power industry: evolution of US commercial wind technology, in lend and offshore development, factors to be considered in designing a wind farm, concepts for wind turbines, wind turbine systems, SVC solutions, typical SVC systems.

DB-372: Modeling and Design of Photovoltaic Systems
Cost: $500 USD

Power Analytics’ PV Modeling course is a 6-hour, online workshop covers PV modules, equivalent circuit, generic model of PV, modeling of photovoltaic systems for power system integration studies. Several numerical examples are provided during the course.

DB-391: Power Fault Analysis Based on IEEE and IEC Standards
Cost: $500 USD

Power Analytics’ Optimal design course is a 6-hour, online workshop covers the review of power system components models and constants, per unit method, symmetrical components, short circuit analysis – general overview, IEEE standard in fault calculation, IEC standard in fault calculation, comparison of IEEE and IEC procedures, numerical examples.