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  Power system analytics: Power infrastructure that is perfect by design

An enormous amount of engineering and operations expertise goes into the design of every mission-critical facility. And, the longer the facility operates, the more wear and tear takes its toll: performance deteriorates, energy inefficiencies creep in, and maintenance becomes more frequent… and more serious. Power system analytics alleviates these problems – and more – by keeping facilities as fine-tuned as the day they went live, and ensuring the most reliable, economical, energy-efficient approach to powering them.

In the old days, companies hired the best mission-critical facility design firm they could find, and then put them work modeling their fail-safe new facilities. When the project was completed, the company went back to their core business, and the design firm released their CAD model before moving on to other projects for other clients.

Sadly, when the design firm left, all of their know-how left with them. It was an incredible missed opportunity, and a potentially perilous way to run a facility.

More recently, power system analytics software has solved the problem of mission-critical facility “Brain Drain.” Like other fields of analytics – such as business analytics, predictive analytics, etc. – power system analytics is the science of scrutinizing electrical power infrastructure to determine if it is performing properly, energy efficiently, and in a manner that ensures no operational problems are on the horizon.

This is accomplished by the synergistic use of three Power Analytics' software products:

    Paladin® DesignBase™ – The industry’s most comprehensive electrical power systems design and analysis platform. Used throughout the design phase, Paladin DesignBase ensure that a power systems model is “perfect on paper” before the construction phase begins;

    Paladin® Live™ – The on-line counterpart to Paladin DesignBase. Using the incredibly detailed information encoded in the DesignBase model as a benchmark, Paladin Live continually compares live data from power infrastructure analytics to its corresponding “as-designed” specifications. Variations between the two are instantaneously identified and diagnosed for their severity and any longer-term threat they could pose to the system.

    Paladin® Smart Grid™ – The first commercially-available software platform designed specifically for the on-line management and control of next-generation “hybrid” power infrastructure incorporating both traditional utility power and on-premise power generation, e.g. solar power, wind turbines, battery storage, etc It optimizes energy consumption in multi-energy source sites, whether they are focused on a single objective – such as minimizing the annual cost, carbon footprint, peak load, or public utility consumption – or a combination of objectives that vary by time, costs, energy source reliability, etc.


Imbued with the expert knowledge codified in a Paladin DesignBase model, Paladin Live diagnoses power infrastructure at millisecond speeds... giving facility operators the ability to manage their site with the same level of expertise at the designer who engineered it.

As Paladin Live performs these assessments, it is continually studying the capacity of the infrastructure, the current load it is supporting, the presence of potential threats, and opportunities for improved energy efficiency.

As a result, the Paladin DesignBase – Paladin Live tandem not only ensure that the electrical power infrastructure supporting your organization is operating as designed… it helps it to run even better.


Please contact Power Analytics for more information or a live demonstration of this and our entire line of best-of-breed power system analytics.

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