Paladin DesignBase Interactive Tutorials

Please note that these tutorials are based on a previous version of DesignBase. They’re still applicable, though!

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Paladin® DesignBase™ is the most comprehensive power systems engineering modeling platform available today … and the only platform that allows design models to be re-deployed in live mode, using Power Analytics’s Paladin® Live™ real-time power system analytics solution. Unlike conventional design/CAD packages, Paladin DesignBase gives power systems professionals the means to create more than simple CAD drawings: they create a robust electrical designbase — a detailed knowledge base of all the components, processes, and performance specifications of their entire electrical distribution system.

Getting Started (Basics)

Starting a Project Training

PDC-TCC Graph and One Line Output

Building Oneline Network

PDC-Adding Additional Devices to Existing Branch

Editing Oneline Network

Annotating Oneline Network

Building 3 Phase One Line

Modeling UPS

Add New Drawing

Multi Windows

ATS and Breaker Interlock

Multi-Page Drawing

Auto Snap

On Off

Back Annotation


Building 3 Phase to 1 Phase One Line


Color Annotation

Project Manager

Complex Components




Error Checking

Symbol Catalogs

Excel Export

Symbol Rotation

Global Edits

Undo Redo

Lock Drawing


Make Straight


Motor Starting Dynamic Method

Motor Starting Snap Shot Method


Short Circuit

Fault Analysis All Buses

Fault Analysis Reactor Sizing

Fault Analysis PDE

Short Circuit Single Bus Fault


Arc Flash

Arc Flash



PDC-Adding Circuit Breaker Curve Data

Annotating Oneline Network

PDC-Cable Curve Insertion

PDC-Hiding and Removing Device Data

PDC-Printing Settings Table

PDC-Identifying Equipment with Curve Data Network Wide

PDC-Starting a Study

PDC-Inserting Bus Curve Data

PDC-TCC Graph and One Line Output

PDC-Inserting Custom Motor Starting Curve

PDC-Adding Additional Devices to Existing Branch


Power Flow

Power Flow 3Phase to 1Phase

Power Flow Simulation

Power Flow Automatic Voltage Control Transformer

Power Flow Text to CSV Feature

Power Flow Back Annotation

Power Flow Toolbar

Power Flow Options

Power Flow Tranformer Sizing

Power Flow Report Manager

Power Flow Voltage Control Static Var

Power Flow Scenario Voltage Profile