SAN DIEGO, Calif. – March 18, 2009 –EDSA Micro Corp. (, the leading provider of software tools for electrical power systems design and reliability management – today announced the Paladin® PowerTeam™ Program to benefit electrical power systems engineers who work in team environments on complex facilities and infrastructures.

Among the benefits of the program, the Company will provide a free second license for its Paladin® DesignBase™ software for each licensed purchased; the free license can used by another member of the design team, or on a second computer – such as a personal notebook computer – by an individual user.

“Imagine baseball players standing around the infield and outfield with only one glove between them; sharing one glove between nine players because the team can’t afford more gloves isn’t exactly a formula for winning,” said Mark Colby, recently appointed Vice President and General Manager of EDSA’s DesignBase Business Unit. “By making Paladin DesignBase more widely available to more design team members, EDSA is helping organizations compress project timelines, reduce cost, and ensure the highest possible levels of reliability and energy efficiency.”


A former U.S. Navy commander and nuclear power systems engineer, Colby saw the immediate advantage Paladin DesignBase brings to organizations needing to collaborate on large projects, while attempting to meet extremely tight deadlines. To facilitate this, some of the benefits of the EDSA’s new PowerTeam program include:

· When members of a design team purchase multiple Paladin DesignBase 2.0 packages together in a single order, for each single seat of site license they purchase, they will receive a second license at no charge. This second license can be used either by a second member of the design team, or on a second computer used by the original license-holder… allowing him or her to have, for example, Paladin DesignBase 2.0 running on their office desktop, as well as on their personal notebook computer. This allows them to continue working on projects while at home or traveling… as well as have a portable version for demonstrating their work at a client site. The 2-for-1 licensing offer is valid until June 1, 2009.

· A discount on EDSA training courses in San Diego, when multiple members of an organization register for the “Power Systems Modeling Essentials” or “Advanced Power Systems
Modeling” courses.

· Free enrollment in bi-weekly power systems engineering Webinars, on topics such as power flow; short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, power quality investigation, and other power systems engineering topics;

· Access to a new live technical support facility, to assist design teams with organizing and integrating projects within a design team environment.


Concurrent Users Accelerates the Design Process
Paladin DesignBase is the most comprehensive power systems modeling and analysis tool available from any vendor, and is the only power systems modeling platform to allow design team members to work on complex design models concurrently. This teaming capability allows multiple engineers to work on different aspects of the same project individually and simultaneously: when each has completed their portion of the project, the combined work is simply interconnected into a single project model, thus:

· Tasks that were formerly done sequential using other systems can be completed concurrently

· Continuous, team-driven work cycle accelerates the project timetable

· Increased cooperation between team members promotes higher-quality design
By supporting multiple, simultaneous users operating as a team, the overall lifecycle of the design process in a typical “Design-Build” project can be dramatically reduced since processes that once had to be completed sequentially can now be completed in parallel. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology the combination of such “concurrent engineering” processes – made possible by software tools that support simultaneous engineering — reduce engineering changes by 90 percent, development time by 30 to 70 percent, and time-to-market by 20 to 90 percent.

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About EDSA Micro Corporation
EDSA develops software solutions for the computer-aided design, modeling, real-time analysis, energy management, and preventative maintenance of complex electrical power systems. For more than 25 years, the Company’s Paladin® software products have been used in thousands of commercial, industrial, governmental, and military applications worldwide, to protect more than $100 billion in customer assets, while reducing their energy consumption. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the Company maintains sales, distribution, and support offices around the world. For more information about EDSA and its products, visit

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