Power Analytics successfully competed with some 800 applicants to prime an ESTCP microgrid project employing a cluster of microgrids at the three Navy bases in San Diego. Power Analytics established a team of 4 companies to work on the project that included a secondary microgrid demonstration site at the Colorado State University Power House lab in Fort Collins, Colorado. The power and economic modeling for this project included existing infrastructure, photo voltaic, energy storage, combined heat and power (CHP), as well as integration with the existing medium and high voltage systems connected to the utility.

This project helped determine the feasibility and value of clustered market-participating microgrids at military facilities by addressing:

• A centralized view of power generation and consumption for an individual base and across a
cluster of geographically separated installations to maximize energy efficiency and reliability

• Real-time management of clustered microgrids, with optimization for distributed generation,
storage, and buying and selling of power across the cluster

• The technology and processes needed to participate in the commercial electric market;

• Workable communication protocols between the microgrid, the utility and the Independent
Service Operator (ISO)

• A cyber-secure platform that meets DIACAP (replaced by the Risk Management
Framework/RMF) standards

• A comprehensive data warehouse to quantify the cost and benefits of specific investments

• A technology roadmap for rapid global implementation of clustered microgrids including new technology to maximize the benefit of existing equipment and a flexible, scalable solution which includes alternative energy sources and storage media.

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