The Power Analytics Secure Automated Microgrid Energy System (SAMES) was intended to support the SPPI objectives by creating a cluster of microgrids across Naval Bases San Diego, Coronado, and Point Loma. This concept of a cluster of microgrids is currently of great interest to other stakeholders in civilian and military planning. A cluster can build partnerships with the local utility, such as San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), and regional energy marketers to share power, respond to transmission and distribution needs, and participate in the growing energy markets.

The Power Analytics team is currently building upon this concept in wholesale and retail markets as a registered market participant in the North American energy markets. SAMES demonstrates that these changes can be made without compromising system security and while increasing system reliability and energy surety.

The SAMES approach was based on technologies being demonstrated at the UCSD microgrid, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and several mission critical data centers. The three Navy bases were linked via an existing fiber optic network at enterprise-level command and control system into the existing Utility and Energy Operation Center (UEOC) at Naval Base San Diego. Within SAMES, Power Analytics provides the overall real-time control and reliability management of the microgrid.

In addition to these power management functions, SAMES demonstrated two other critical technologies: a comprehensive data warehouse (OSI Pi Historian) and cyber-secure operation in a military environment using existing procedures and infrastructure.

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