Federal Government Practice

Power Analytics is committed to our work with the U.S. government, including projects with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Energy’s commitment to pursuing new and innovative forms of energy.

Some of Our Work with the Federal Government

Department of Energy:
Sun Shot Initiative/High Penetration Solar

Power Analytics successfully competed with some 800 applicants to prime an ESTCP microgrid project employing a cluster of microgrids at the three Navy bases in San Diego. The power and economic modeling for this project included existing infrastructure, photo voltaic, energy storage, combined heat and power (CHP), as well as integration with the existing medium and high voltage systems connected to the utility. This project helped determine the feasibility and value of clustered market-participating microgrids.

Department of Defense SERDP & ESTCP:
Secure Automated Microgrid Energy System

In this research, we were able to integrate for the first time (1) highly sophisticated power analytics software from the “mission critical” power industry; (2) a network of sixteen densely spaced microclimate monitoring systems (>1 per 100 acres), a hemispherical sky imager, and a ceilometer; (3) one-hour ahead PV output forecasts; and (4) a scheduler/optimizer that makes possible demand/load adjustments based on dynamic price signals.

Federal Aviation Administration:
Air Route Traffic Control Centers & Essential Power Monitoring System

The initial scope of the project provided the FAA with power modeling and analysis including advanced safety protection for Arc Flash analysis. The power modeling and analysis has now expanded to power monitoring and the management system for the power system at its Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), the 20 largest air traffic control facilities that manage all high altitude air traffic across the United States.

Our Software Solution Set


Optimized design of a Microgrid

  • Foundation for integrating microgrids to & existing utility operations
  • Blueprint for power system construction

Paladin MPMS™

Real time operation of a Microgrid

  • Optimization of all power components
  • Provides real time arc flash assessment

Our Professional Services

Energy Alignment Plan


35% Design

Project Goals; Base-wide/Community/Campus Energy Master Plan; ROM Estimate; Schedule

Comprehensive Energy Design


65% to 95% Design

Optimal System Design Plan; Cost/Benefit Analysis; Control Dashboard Interface for Situational Awareness; Cyber Security & Emergency Performance Analysis

Notable Projects

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