Partners with Power Analytics and Prompt MD to enable onsite test results within 10 minutes with real-time digital certification

HOBOKEN, NJ May 7, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla announced today that Hoboken will launch a COVID-19 antibody testing pilot on Friday for first responders and frontline workers. The City is partnering with Dr. Javed Islam from Prompt MD, as well as Power Analytics, a real-time simulation, software and data analytics company, to offer antibody testing with a rapid, 10-minute antibody test. The testing site will be located at 601 Jackson Street (7thstreet & Jackson Gym) and will be open to pre-registered first responders from 9 am – 4 pm on Friday. The antibody site will formally open to the Hoboken public in the coming week, with appointments required for testing.

“I’m extremely pleased for Hoboken to launch the antibody testing site tomorrow for first responders, in partnership with Prompt MD and Power Analytics,” said Mayor Bhalla. “While a positive test may not indicate full immunity, those that take the test will have the peace of mind whether or not they had COVID-19. I’m proud that Hoboken will soon become one of the few cities in the region to offer both COVID-19 tests and antibody tests for residents.”

“I am very happy to partner with the city of Hoboken and Power Analytics to provide the first real-time point of care Covid-19 Antibody testing platform for the community,” said Dr. Javed Islam, owner of PromptMD. “The ability to provide test results within 15 minutes with quantitative analysis to a patient at point of care will allow for better communication and compliance of the social distances guidelines established by CDC.”

“As a resident of Hoboken, I am honored to be working with Mayor Bhalla, the city of Hoboken, PromptMD, and Immunostics, Inc to launch the first rapid Covid-19 Antibody Testing and Real-time secure data analysis platform to help protect our community,” said Keith Barksdale Chairman of Power Analytics Global Corporation. “Mayor Bhalla’s decision to have the city of Hoboken be the first in the state to shelter in place helped save many lives, and now his decision to be the first city in the State of New Jersey to offer a point of care Covid-19 Antibody testing platform with real-time secure data analysis to its residents will help the city in strategic planning for the Re-Opening of Hoboken.”

“We are honored to partner with the City of Hoboken, to offer the City’s hard-working men and women COVID-19 antibody testing,” said Adam Choe, President and CEO of Immunostics, Inc. “This partnership highlights the City’s innovative leadership by being one of the first US cities to offer a city-wide COVID-19 antibody testing to all residents of Hoboken, NJ.”

Antibody tests indicate whether or not an individual previously had COVID-19 and the levels of IgG and IgM antibodies in their system. Even if an antibody test was positive, the individual should not assume he or she has full immunity in the future to COVID-19, and continue to take precautions including social distancing.

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