DesignBase 6.2

DesignBase from Power Analytics offers an extensive library of modules that enable users to perform highly accurate simulations of the electrical infrastructure design under an almost unlimited range of operating conditions, system parameters, and fault scenarios. Extending our basic steady-state and transient analyses, these solution modules offer advanced analytic capabilities for every aspect of a mission critical power system design, allowing users to simulate and fully understand the pre and post operational behavior of their infrastructure. Our analytical techniques employ vendor-specific device information as well as advanced mathematical and applied physics to simulate, optimize, and create power system designs. They consider all aspects of power generation, transmission, and distribution of power with associated operational strategies and constraints. Powerful “what if?” capabilities extend to every aspect of the advanced design, allowing users to stress and verify nominal or steady state designs with extraordinary accuracy and real-world simulations.

Paladin DesignBase 6.2 introduces new industry leading capabilities in exciting areas, including…

  • AC Voltage Profile/Time Series Analysis
  • Advanced Transient Program
  • AC & DC Arc Flash Program
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Short Circuit AC 1Ph + 3Ph, DC
  • New Features in Editor & Building Programs
  • Advanced Power Flow
  • Advanced Motor Starting
  • Ground Grid Design
  • Power Systems Optimization
  • Advanced Harmonic Analysis

Minor Release: Update to DesignBase 6.2 now for new features including just the few listed below…

  • Direct Current and Single Phase Export/Import to Excel
  • New Inverter Capability for Transient Stability/Dynamic Analysis and General Power Modeling for any Inverter
  • New Data Structure Analyzer to Create Data Records for Devices that have Symbols on the Drawing but have Missing Data

Learn how you can use DesignBase 6.0 to design the future, grid by grid

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