Power Digital Twin

The Power Digital Twin builds on the DesignBase core power modeling software to serve as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that delivers a service no competitors provide. This new SaaS simulation and control platform offers a real-time analytics engine, visualization and control dashboards, and complex scenario modeling. It incorporates Power Analytics’ Active Single Line (ASL) real-time power model, Blackboard simulation environment, and Real-Time Arc Flash (RTAF) patented safety analysis tool. Scroll down to view our Power Digital Twin webinar.


Paladin DesignBase is Power Analytics’ core power modeling software. It is offered as both a desktop software and a cloud-based program (DesignBase Xi) for planning electrical power systems modeling, simulation, analytics, and optimization. DesignBase incorporates advanced, patented power system analytics, resulting in a deep digital twin of the power system. Click here for more information about our latest version of DesignBase, DesignBase 6.2.

Paladin Live

Paladin Live is a power systems analytics solution that focuses on real-time operations. It offers unprecedented power systems reliability, manageability, and energy management, maintaining an uninterrupted, 360° view of electrical power infrastructures to predict vulnerabilities—and costly energy efficiencies— and alert operations personnel. Paladin Live includes Gateway, our advanced power systems data integration platform, and DesignView, our real-time scientific visualization software tool.

Microgrid Power Management System

Paladin Microgrid Power Management Systems (MPMS) is responsible for real-time control and optimization. It is the first commercial software platform designed specifically for online management of next-generation hybrid power infrastructure, including traditional utility power and on-premise power generation, to ensure energy optimization in multi-energy source sites. MPMS also assists in public and private energy transactions.

DesignBase Xi (Cloud-Based)

DesignBase Xi™ allows you to enjoy all the features of DesignBase™ plus the ability to collaborate in real time through the cloud.