Paladin® Real-Time Suite

Our industry-leading power engineering software solutions will develop a Power Digital Twin™ to provide you with unprecedented levels of power system visibility and manageability that enables complete energy management.


Starting with the most advanced modeling platform available today, Paladin Software makes it possible for you to design, model, simulate, analyze and optimize your complex electrical systems.

Along the way we will save you thousands of dollars by eliminating downtime, recovering stranded design capacity, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing business continuity.

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Paladin® DesignView™ is a revolutionary new real-time scientific visualization software tool that lets users easily create incredibly detailed dashboards that provide up-to-the-millisecond detail about their power infrastructure performance.

Leveraging real-time data retrieved using the Power Analytics’ Paladin® Gateway™ data interoperability platform, Paladin DesignView lets users — by utilizing simple, drag-and-drop methods, with no programming involved — quickly build custom dashboards that display the status of their power infrastructure in facilities worldwide … wherever the source and whatever the format.

This delivers three valuable benefits for organizations with mission-critical power requirements, but limited technical support expertise:

  • Aggregation: Raw data generated in disconnected “silos” — e.g., proprietary SCADA, monitoring, or building management systems that were not designed to exchange data with other applications — can now be easily unlocked, made interoperable, and seamlessly used in conjunction with other real-time applications.
  • Customization: Whatever the original source, data can be easily depicted in user-defined dashboards using standardized widgets (dials, gauges, thermometers, etc.) or customer widgets created by the user, to create a complete tailored users experience. Dashboards can also be personalized for individual users’ need-to-know requirements, e.g., IT, facilities, and maintenance personnel may have very different information needs; Paladin DesignView delivers precisely the information needed by each user based on the specifics of his or her role.
  • Presentation: Once dashboards are completed, they can be securely accessed by authorized users from anywhere with an Internet connection and browser, on a mobile device (iPhone, etc.) in your choice of browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

Paladin® Gateway™ is the industry’s most advanced power systems data integration platform, and the only system that allows anything-to-anything connectivity between electrical energy monitoring and management systems from major vendors. It is proven in some of the world’s most mission-critical applications, including datacenters, oil drilling platforms, and microgrids. It is an integral part of all standard Paladin platforms.

Paladin Gateway gives facility and electrical system operators a data integration solution that, when used with Power Analytics’ Paladin Live or Paladin Smart Grid platforms, aggregates all the real-time data being generated by formerly proprietary equipment and systems within their infrastructure. As a result, a single, seamless body of information can now be created from industry-leading management systems such as the OSIsoft® PI System®, Square D® SMS®, Siemens® Apogee®, Eaton® Foreseer® , Honeywell® Niagara Framework® , Johnson Controls® Metasys®, Viridity Energy’s Vpower®, Dassault Enovia® and Catia® systems, and others or directly from discrete sensors or intelligent devices.

Armed with this virtually limitless supply of power systems data, Paladin Gateway enables Paladin Live and Paladin Smart Grid to make highly accurate predictions about the operational state of power infrastructure, by not only attaining access to real-time data, but by comparing data results back to the original design model; variations between the as-is and as-designed readings allow operators to isolate and preempt potential problems at their earliest stages and ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

By serving as a “universal translator” for any data acquisition system, BMS, or data-producing component in an electrical network, Paladin Gateway ensures that no clue that could point to downstream operational power problems is overlooked.


Paladin® Live™ is the only power system analytics solution to give your organization unprecedented new levels of power systems reliability, manageability, and energy management. It is the only electrical power system management platform to maintain an uninterrupted, 360° view of your electrical power infrastructures, to intelligently predict when and where vulnerabilities — or costly energy inefficiencies — have the potential to occur, and send proper alerts to operations personnel.

Paladin Live delivers:

  • Paladin Live persistently diagnoses the real-time “health” of a facility, using the original design model as an operational benchmark
  • Codifies the facility designer’s embedded expertise into the design model; when it is compared to “live” readings, even the smallest variation can be isolated and diagnosed
  • Enables site personnel to keep facility perfectly tuned for balancing performance, reliability, and energy efficiency
  • Factors like reliability, availability, capacity, and configurability are always known … and cost/benefit trade-offs can be made in real time, to continually ensure the lowest possible operating costs, without jeopardizing the integrity of the system
Microgrid Power Management System™

Paladin® Microgrid Power Management System™ is the first commercially available software platform designed specifically for the online management and control of next-generation “hybrid” power infrastructure incorporating both traditional utility power and on-premise power generation, e.g., solar power, wind turbines, battery storage. It optimizes energy consumption in multi-energy source sites, whether they are focused on a single objective — such as minimizing the annual cost, carbon footprint, peak load, or public utility consumption — or a combination of objectives that vary by time, costs, energy source reliability, etc. As more organizations supplement their utility power with on-premise power generation, Paladin SmartGrid helps in several key ways:

  • Serves as a master controller for intelligent smart grid design, monitoring and trading (i.e., selling electricity back into the public grid)
  • Monitors in real-time micro grid power quality, utilization and capacity, in order to offer excess capacity to the smart grid
  • Monitors all transactions between public electric service and micro grid infrastructure
  • Maintains rate and pricing information for management of private-public exchange

Read the MPMS whitepaper.


Power Analytics’ Paladin® Solar is a programmatic solution for the design, modeling and control of photovoltaic (PV) arrays that embraces two distinct applications for better performing, higher penetration photovoltaic generation plants.

First, Paladin DesignBase enables the creation of a user defined model that takes into account solar irradiance measurements in time domain simulations. This approach to PV modeling has many advantages over other solutions with benefits to users and developers alike.

Second, a model developed in the DesignBase application can be enabled as a live solution in the Paladin Solar solution, providing real time solar irradiance data for improved predictability of the PV array contribution to the generating capacity of the system.

Our solution based approach requires more than simply a sophisticated software model. We believe strongly in the value of feasibility studies combined with a power systems study to determine not only the feasibility of a solar distributed generation site, but also the capacity of this solution whether designed to operate as an ‘islanded’ solution, or grid tied to the local utility. In addition, we evaluate other non grid generation resources, where appropriate, to offer a solution that works, that is economically feasible and one that coordinates optimally with utility grid power.

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