Paladin Blackboard

Paladin® BlackBoard is the first power systems software product to enable the simulation and testing of real-time configuration, maintenance, repair, and other procedures before attempting them on live systems.

What-if scenario testing eliminates trial-and-error; you know exactly what the result of every action will be

Test-fly and perfect your maintenance and energy savings strategies without jeopardizing the safety of the facility itself

Ideal for system experimentation and personnel training

Armed with the benefits of foresight, Paladin BlackBoard helps operations managers understand precisely how far they can push their existing power infrastructure, as well as understand what small changes can help extract more system capacity.

They can also better prioritize the power requirements of mission-critical processes – e.g. revenue-generating and essential customer-facing activities versus non-essential internal processes – so they can be intelligently prioritized in the event of power anomalies.