Paladin DesignBase Features

Unbalanced Load Flow (UBLF)

ICON-UnbalPowerFlowIn today’s ever evolving electrical networks, power flow solutions must be able to model the components and special features of the system and the unsymmetrical characteristics with good accuracy. The Paladin DesignBase Unbalanced Load Flow module provides load flow analysis on unbalanced networks that are built with any combination of phases and configurations.

New Short Circuit Program Features

ICON-ShortCircuitNew Bus Short Circuit Evaluation feature (PDE). Seamlessly provides instant comparison of short circuit results and bus ratings.
New Impedance Tolerance feature for generators, transformers and feeders. Enables easy setup of multiple maximum and minimum fault calculations.
Improved photovoltaic short circuit model.
Introduces advanced inverter options for accurate calculations.
Additional flexible annotations.
Provides options to simultaneously display several IEC-61363 short circuit components on the one line diagram.
New Case Study feature that enables saving customized short circuit options.

Extended computation of thermal currents to LG, LL, and LLG faults

ICON-TermalCurrentsScenario-Dependent DC short circuit temperatures.
Fully integrated capability to simulate effects of multiple temperature variations on DC system faults.
New VFD Regenerative Mode.
Augments IEC-61363 motor short circuit model with a new user defined percent rating of let-through current.

New Functions in PDC Program

ICON-PDCNew single phase PDC. Coordination curves can now be entered directly into single-phase equipment.
New Multi-Segment Relay capability. Enables use of two instantaneous segments.

New Text Editor

ICON-MSExcelNew user friendly spreadsheet implementation. Enables users to directly copy and paste 3-phase, DC, and single phase data from text editor to Microsoft Excel and vice versa.

Enhanced Cable Ampacity Program

ICON-EnhancedAmpacityNew function to vary percentage of current returning through sheath, shield, concentric neutral or skid wire.
Improved GUI with Spreadsheet implementation; enables quicker edits and changes in cable installation cases.

Innovative Harmonic Program Features

ICON-HarmonicImpedenceSpecial user-defined harmonic impedances. User can define impedances for selected elements in the network. This feature is being used for harmonic analysis of offshore platform fed by long subsea cables.

Paladin DesignBase Research Labs

ICON-UniversityResearchPaladin DesignBase Research Labs is our solution for universities and others conducting research into power system design. Research Labs lets students, research teams and associates access network models and analytical tools such as power flow analysis, short circuit analysis, transient stability analysis and more.

With Paladin Design Lab COM objects, users work with open software, such as MATLAB/ SIMULINK, to partition tasks of algebraic equation solution (such as power flow solutions) into Paladin DesignBase, and ordinary differential equations (such as the photovoltaic converter dynamics, or the regulators dynamics) into MATLAB/SIMULINK, et al. The approaches of Paladin Design Lab open a new way to exchange the software tools and programmable functionality to the open software community.

With Paladin DesignBase Research Labs, Power Analytics is bringing advanced functionality that has been requested by our research customers at universities and is able to demonstrate the power of model-based analytics better than ever before.

And Many More…

ICON-AndMoreNew Global Copy and Paste function. Enables pasting of all properties of one component (e.g. feeder) to several other components at the same time; single paste over multiple components.

Several enhancements to DesignBase licensing:

  • Upgrade to FlexNet version
  • Simplified license server interface
  • Added more user friendly warning messages to help resolve network connectivity issues

New Text Report Viewer program. Enables quicker edit and formatting capabilities similar to Microsoft Word. Enhanced Digitizer to automatically work within the Fuse library program.
Additional key tools to facilitate shipbuilding design:

  • New Branch Voltage Drop report in power flow
  • New single phase load analysis option

New Interactive Error Checking Report. Offers a user friendly global view of model discrepancies and missing data. Each error can be resolved by simply clicking on its log entry in the report. PDC library enhanced with hundreds of new devices. New Help files format.

Design Base 5.1 Features