Paladin DesignBase Arc Flash and Fault Analysis

Paladin® DesignBase™ Arc Flash & Fault Analysis programs determine the arc flash risk assessment based on both incident energy and PPE category methods based on IEEE Std.1584 and  NFPA-70E, to help safety engineers estimate the energy falling on a surface removed from a fault.

These programs quickly identify the PPE grade of clothing required by operators and easily provide protective signs for electrical equipment stating the type of protective clothing required when working around energized equipment. In addition, these packages quickly and accurately calculate the effects of flowing faults in three-phase, single-phase and DC power distribution systems. Programs include:

Arc Flash Label

Arc Flash Label

Arc Flash: AC

Short Circuit: Classical

Short Circuit: ANSI/IEEE

Short Circuit: IEC 60909

AC Short Circuit: IEC 61363*

Arc Flash: DC

Short Circuit: ANSI / IEEE

Short Circuit: Classical


* Optional programs sold separately