Paladin DesignBase New Features


New Features in Ground Grid Program:

  • Added Undo/Redo commands.
  • Added Lock/Unlock features.
  • User Interface improvements.
  • Increased the decimal numbers in the output report.

Enhancements to Arc Flash, Short Circuit, PDC Programs

Arc Flash

  • Increased the constraint limit on looking for upstream protection devices.
  • Enhanced the Arc Flash calculation wizard based on selected bus.
  • New Import/Export Bus selection enables easy selection of buses over multiple pages/drawings.
  • Labels always present System Voltage rather than LF voltage when the SC Calculated by LF pre-fault voltage.


Short Circuit

  • 3 Phase Short Circuit fault buses selection option, from drawings or from memory.
  • Added output CSV file for IEC 61363 detail report.
  • Added new DC Source for DC Classical SC calculations.
  • Added new DC Source for the calculations and built the estimating method based on IEC61660.

Protection Device Coordination

  • New Solid State Breaker curve preview.
  • Updated Relay program user interface.
  • Improvements in usability of Digitizer.
  • User adjustable Bus Curve in PDC TCC.
  • Created Multiple Labels in PDC curves.
  • Enhancement of the PDC ‘Show/Restore View’ icon.
  • Many more features, too numerous to mention. See Product Brief.

New Features in Power Flow and Harmonics Programs

  • New 3P Inverter and DC Source Models in Power Flow.
  • Enhanced the calculation for DC current control and voltage control for rectifiers.
  • Applied the last slope factor to extrapolate resistance R for frequency scanning.
  • Added On/Off option for Harmonics status.
  • Applied scenarios to control On/Off for harmonic sources.

Advanced Power Cable Ampacity – feature saves units when changed from main window.
Advanced Transient Stability Analysis

  • Increased the limit of Variable shown in the results for general-models/AVR/Governor/PV models.
  • Enhanced simulation window to show information about events occurring.
  • Showed more decimal numbers for PU values in order to generate smoother curves.
  • On/Off status of General Models based on device status in different scenarios.
  • Added Signal monitoring tab feature to General Models.

Productivity Enhancements and Additions.

  • Error checker reports improvements.
  • Text editor spreadsheet view improvements.
  • Added Adobe Reader and XPS Viewer in Text Report program.
  • Added backup/restore options for project folder/library files.
  • Unzip project without having WINZIP/WINRAR.
  • New DC Source symbol in DC catalogs.
  • New inverter symbol in 3P Bus catalogs.
  • New shunt capacitor symbol in all catalogs.
  • New options in Import/Export Programs.
  • Lists complete descriptions for installed DB license features.
  • Added port number field to Client License Manager.