Paladin DesignBase Power Quality and Reliability

Paladin® DesignBase™ Power Quality & Reliability programs allow engineers to accurately and efficiently evaluate the reliability of electrical distribution systems. For example, harmonic analysis is required when devices that generate harmonics – such as rectifiers, arc furnaces, AC/DC drives etc. – are present, or are anticipated to be added to the power system.

Harmonic Analysis with Automatic Filter Sizing:

  • Capable of performing various Frequency Scan Analyses and Harmonic Distortion Indices Analyses
  • Calculates Voltage and Current Distortion Level
  • Harmonics limit based on IEEE 519, MIL 1399 and user defined limits
  • Measures Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and the Telephone Interference Factor (TIF), Total Demand Distortion (TDD)
  • Filter design and tuning feature


Power Systems Reliability Analysis:

  • Uses a Monte Carlo Approach
  • Evaluates the adequacy indices of power systems containing several thousand buses
  • Considers overlapping independent outages
  • Reliability indices can be computed using either a single-load level or a multi-step load duration curve
  • Supports three power flow techniques (network transport flow, DC power flow, and AC power flow)
  • Extensive report facilities: individual bus, branch and system summaries