Paladin® DesignView™

Paladin® DesignView™ is a revolutionary new real-time scientific visualization software tool that lets users easily create incredibly detailed dashboards that provide up-to-the-millisecond detail about their power infrastructure performance.

Leveraging real-time data retrieved using the Power Analytics’ Paladin® Gateway™ data interoperability platform, Paladin DesignView lets users — by utilizing simple, drag-and-drop methods, with no programming involved — quickly build custom dashboards that display the status of their power infrastructure in facilities worldwide … wherever the source and whatever the format.

This delivers three valuable benefits for organizations with mission-critical power requirements, but limited technical support expertise:

  • Aggregation: Raw data generated in disconnected “silos” — e.g., proprietary SCADA, monitoring, or building management systems that were not designed to exchange data with other applications — can now be easily unlocked, made interoperable, and seamlessly used in conjunction with other real-time applications.
  • Customization: Whatever the original source, data can be easily depicted in user-defined dashboards using standardized widgets (dials, gauges, thermometers, etc.) or customer widgets created by the user, to create a complete tailored users experience. Dashboards can also be personalized for individual users’ need-to-know requirements, e.g., IT, facilities, and maintenance personnel may have very different information needs; Paladin DesignView delivers precisely the information needed by each user based on the specifics of his or her role.
  • Presentation: Once dashboards are completed, they can be securely accessed by authorized users from anywhere with an Internet connection and browser, on a mobile device (iPhone, etc.) in your choice of browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).