Paladin® Gateway™

Paladin® Gateway™ is the industry’s most advanced power systems data integration platform, and the only system that allows anything-to-anything connectivity between electrical energy monitoring and management systems from major vendors. It is proven in some of the world’s most mission-critical applications, including datacenters, oil drilling platforms, and microgrids. It is an integral part of all standard Paladin platforms.

Paladin Gateway gives facility and electrical system operators a data integration solution that, when used with Power Analytics’ Paladin Live or Paladin Smart Grid platforms, aggregates all the real-time data being generated by formerly proprietary equipment and systems within their infrastructure. As a result, a single, seamless body of information can now be created from industry-leading management systems such as the OSIsoft® PI System®, Square D® SMS®, Siemens® Apogee®, Eaton® Foreseer® , Honeywell® Niagara Framework® , Johnson Controls® Metasys®, Viridity Energy’s Vpower®, Dassault Enovia® and Catia® systems, and others or directly from discrete sensors or intelligent devices.

Armed with this virtually limitless supply of power systems data, Paladin Gateway enables Paladin Live and Paladin Smart Grid to make highly accurate predictions about the operational state of power infrastructure, by not only attaining access to real-time data, but by comparing data results back to the original design model; variations between the as-is and as-designed readings allow operators to isolate and preempt potential problems at their earliest stages and ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

By serving as a “universal translator” for any data acquisition system, BMS, or data-producing component in an electrical network, Paladin Gateway ensures that no clue that could point to downstream operational power problems is overlooked.