Paladin Live Energy Management Advisor

Because of their reliance on electrical power – as well as the enormous costs associated with energy and energy-related problems – energy management is a huge concern for “C” level executives in all industries. These factors, plus public/investor pressure to be as environmentally responsible as possible, make energy planning a vital corporate priority.

The Paladin Live Real-Time Energy Management Advisor™ is a standard feature in Paladin® Live™ that enables companies to assess and reduce their energy costs in three principal ways

Increasing energy efficiency by showing precisely where, when, and how energy is being consumed, in order to assess where opportunities for energy saving may exist… and even enable facility personnel to conduct detailed, what-if simulations of energy efficiency strategies;

Improving facility reliability and productivity by enabling facility operators to understand the real-time “system health” of their power infrastructure, in order to enact preventative measures. By detecting even the tiniest variations between the “as-is” and “as-designed” states of their power system, the Paladin platform helps to preempt costly system failures and energy inefficiencies;

Enhancing profitability by enabling facility operators to fully understand the capacity and energy requirements of their present power system. This enables facility operators to develop strategies for maximizing their existing facilities before embarking on costly renovations or relocations.