Why you should switch to Paladin DesignBase #2

2. Paladin DesignBase is the most productive modeler in its class

The Paladin DesignBase user interface is the result of a joint development effort between Power Analytics and AutoDesk®, creators of AutoCAD® design solutions; engineers familiar with diagrammatic platforms such as Visio® will quickly be productive with Paladin DesignBase. Not only does Paladin DesignBase integrate the ActiveShapes®, “drag and drop,” “plug and socket” model-building processes, it also features a rich component library of frequently-used objects.

Key Benefits

  • Novice users can quickly create robust, highly-accurate models with expert proficiency
  • Experienced Visio® users quickly gain mastery of Paladin DesignBase
  • Plug-and-Socket features provide automatic connection-checking and data transfer