Why you should switch to Paladin Live #2

2. Intelligent Alarm Management

Unlike conventional systems, in which the only indicator of problems is when a threshold has already been breached, Paladin Live begins diagnosing the health of the overall system the instant problems become theoretically possible. Because Paladin’s model-based methodology understands the interconnect-edness of all equipment, it takes a “master” view of alarms, focusing on only core problems (e.g. loss of utility power) rather than the hundreds of resulting alarms (e.g. every device reporting its own loss of power) that frequently overwhelm conventional systems and their human users.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent alarm discernment eliminates cascading and nuisance alarms
  • Focuses on the core underlying problems, without being distracted by false alarms
  • Maintains a coherent, reasoned dialog with owner/operator in critical situations