Power Analytics, a leader in advanced energy and power management software and Professional Services, is announcing today the ability to purchase Power Analytics Cloud Based power analysis software DesignBase Xi (DBXi) using the crypto currency Bitcoin.

Power Analytics has been a thought leader in the new energy marketplace for several years and the addition of crypto currencies for our customers are consistent with our overall vision of marketplace and future of energy and power. “The breadth of our approach to help our customers plan for the right renewable generation, the right energy markets to participate in and the inclusion of new ways to purchase products from Power Analytics is all part of our commitment to our customers” said Kevin Meagher, President of Power Analytics. “Virtually all aspects of “block-chain” technologies will have profound impact on power and energy globally including the inclusion of crypto currencies recently announced by Power Analytics Parent Company, Causam Technologies and the sister company to Power Analytics, Causam Exchange.”

Power Analytics expects to expand crypto currencies offered to include Ethereum and potentially others over the next few months.

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