Power Analytics continues to enhance its state-of-the art power optimization software to facilitate the integrated grid.

February 10, 2016 – Raleigh, NC – DistribuTECH 2016 is underway, and a primary focus of this year’s conference is scalable solutions that facilitate the integrated grid.  These solutions embrace the diversity of distributed energy resources (DER) and enable those resources to provide resiliency and reliability as stand-alone assets and/or as components of the larger power grid.


Power Analytics is the only widely deployed, hardware-indifferent software solution for the electric power grid’s transition to the distributed and integrated grid.  Power Analytics software solutions answer the critical call for DER and microgrid optimization.  Today, Power Analytics announces a new release of two state-of-the-art software solutions—DesignBase™ 6.0 and the Paladin™ 5.3 software suite.  DesignBase 6.0 enables power engineers to design a distributed and real-time model of a power system from all commercially-available component parts focused on the emerging distributed architectures in the electric power grid.  The Paladin software suite contains several modules—DesignView, Gateway, Live, Microgrid Power Management System (MPMS), and Solar—which enable power engineers to operate and optimize the power system, as built from the DesignBase model, in real time, and under an almost unlimited range of operating conditions, system parameters, and fault scenarios.


For over two decades, Power Analytics and its partners have facilitated the design, operation, and optimization of Distributed Energy Resources (e.g., solar PV, wind, CHP, small hydro, gas and diesel generation, energy storage, etc.), whether as stand-alone generation resources or harnessed seamlessly as independent, or grid-integrated, microgrids.  Our software has been deployed to serve multiple mission-critical facilities, such as military bases and hospitals, as well as commercial enterprises, communities, and various universities.


The new features of DesignBase 6.0 and the Paladin 5.3 software suite enable power engineers to better visualize system constraints and receive real-time, actionable analytics.  These new features include:

  • Dynamic simulation of external events (e.g., weather) through time series analysis;
  • Modeling of transient phenomena (e.g., use of battery storage) that can impact a power network;
  • Real-time AC/DC arc flash impact analysis based on the new 2015 NFPA and CSA standards;
  • Protective device coordination, advanced motor start-up, and advanced harmonic analysis; and,
  • Multiple other situational awareness analytics and reporting functions.


Power Analytics has released the dates for its current and prospective DesignBase and Paladin customers to attend one of our comprehensive microgrid training courses to be held in our Raleigh, NC, office on March 14th-18th and April 18th-22nd, 2016.  See our website (www.poweranalytics.com) for content details and reservations.


“Power Analytics is committed to facilitating the electric energy industry’s transition toward a reliable and resilient integrated grid.  We strive to listen closely to the needs of our DER, microgrid, and utility customers and to enhance our state-of-the-art software solutions to meet both current needs and future expectations.  Our goal is to enable our customers to harness the power of distributed energy resources efficiently, effectively, reliably, and safely,” said Kevin Meagher, Chief Operating Officer of Power Analytics.


About Power Analytics

Embraced by the power industry for more than 30 years, Power Analytics’ software is at the forefront of the electrical system planning and operation space for energy intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids, and currently protects more than $120 billion in customer assets. Power Analytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Causam Energy, a leading developer of technologies and commercial applications that provide increased grid intelligence and optimization. By combining their innovative technologies, intellectual property and experienced management teams, Causam and Power Analytics plan to lead the way in solving power energy problems for the highly networked, next-generation energy grid. For more information, visit www.poweranalytics.com.



Steve Lopiano
Sr. V.P. Sales & Marketing
Power Analytics Corporation

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