SAN DIEGO, Calif. – September 21, 2011 – Two leading providers of real-time software solutions, Power Analytics Corporation ( and Automsoft (, today announced that they are entering into a comprehensive technology, marketing, and sales agreement surrounding, respectively, Power Analytics’ Paladin® and Automsoft’s rapidHistorian™ software platforms.

Power Analytics’ Paladin family of products helps organizations to ensure that their electrical power infrastructure is optimally designed (Paladin® DesignBase™), performs precisely as intended in terms of reliability and energy efficiency (Paladin® Live™), and operates flawlessly as organizations make real-time transitions between public and on-premise power sources (Paladin® SmartGrid™).

Automsoft’s rapidHistorian™ system is a robust suite of powerful data historian, information management and analysis applications designed to collect, analyze and serve large volumes of time series and process data. rapidHistorian™ delivers market leading data processing capabilities through its high speed distributed object database. It delivers performance far beyond other technologies, enabling the integration of millions of data points and data sampling rates in the region of millions of events per second, all on standard hardware delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. It empowers businesses to achieve sustained process improvement and collaborative decision-making, enabling them to achieve a closer alignment of actual output and strategic goals and meet Key Performance Indicators.

As part of the agreement, Automsoft will license Power Analytics’ Paladin® Gateway™ data integration technology to expand the connectivity options for rapidHistorian, with a particular emphasis on the popular Modbus serial communications protocol. Similarly, Power Analytics will use Paladin Gateway to interface Automsoft’s process database technology with Paladin Live to enable collection, storage and analytics of time series sensor, control system and device data in a smart grid environment.

As a result, the two companies will deliver advanced Smart Grid / microgrid solutions to customers in the mission-critical arena: organizations who are seeking the cost savings and energy independence on-campus grid can offer, without their jeopardizing power systems reliability.

“The integration of the Paladin and rapidHistorian platforms is an important milestone for facilities with demanding power reliability requirements and ambitious energy efficiency goals,” said Mark A. Ascolese, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Power Analytics Corporation. “Together, these two platforms give users extraordinary, real-time insight into the health of their power infrastructure, and visibility into operational problems that have yet to emerge.”

“We are delighted to work with Power Analytics as a strategic Smart Grid partner” said Paraic O’Toole, Chief Executive Officer for Automsoft. “We have a number of joint projects in the pipeline of which this is the first and we look forward to working together to deliver optimized smart and micro grid installations to our customers globally.”


About Power Analytics Corporation
Power Analytics is a privately held developer of software solutions for the design, simulation, deployment, and preventative maintenance of complex electrical power systems. Founded in 1983, the Company’s Paladin software products are used by thousands of commercial, industrial, governmental, and military customers worldwide, to protect more than $100 billion in customer assets. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the Company’s worldwide operations include more than 30 sales, distribution, and support offices located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. For more information about Power Analytics and its products, visit


About Automsoft
Automsoft is one of the world’s premier providers of advanced data historian and process optimization solutions. Automsoft’s rapidHistorian™ and nuaViews™ product suite enables powerful and secure high-speed time series and process data retrieval, vast storage capacity, complex analysis and sophisticated visualization. With performance metrics enabling management of installations with millions of data points, sub-millisecond sampling, Exabyte-rage datasets and open architecture, Automsoft is rapidly becoming the preferred smart-energy data management platform. Founded in 1997 and based in Dublin, Ireland, Automsoft has a global customer base of thousands of installations across diverse industrial sectors including Power & Utilities, Renewable Energy, Maritime, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas. Automsoft has international offices in the US, Europe, Middle East & Asia. For more information, please visit


Paladin, Paladin DesignBase, Paladin Live, Paladin SmartGrid, and Power Analytics are trademarks of Power Analytics Corporation, or its previous corporate identity, EDSA Micro Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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