San Diego, Calif., December 5, 2011 – Power Analytics Corporation, the energy industry’s leader in advanced electrical power software solutions, has received six new patents for computer modeling and simulation techniques that monitor and optimize electrical systems in real time.

The patents include Systems and Methods for Performing Automatic Real-Time Harmonics Analysis for Use in Real-Time Power Analytics of an Electrical Power Distribution System. Previously, no reliable means for optimizing an electrical power system existed that creates a virtual model and that “ages” with the actual facility. All prior systems use a rigid simulation model that does not consider senescent effects when computing predicted electrical values.

“A model that can mature with a facility is critical in generating power system optimization parameters that reflect the system’s health and performance in relation to its life cycle,” says Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Meagher. “Without an aging ability, recommendations about how to optimize power system operations become of little value because they don’t reflect a facility’s true status and may lead to false conclusions.”

The new patent is one of six that Power Analytics received over the past two months in the U.S., Australia and Europe. The other patents include:

  • Automatic Real-Time Optimization and Intelligent Control of Electrical Power Distribution and Transmission Systems
  • Micro grid Model-Based Real-Time Simulation for Market-Based Electric Power System Optimization
  • Real-Time DC Mirrored Power Analytics for Mission Critical Power Systems and Methods for Real-Time Monitoring and Predictive Analysis
  • Australia/Europe Systems and Methods for Real-time Dynamic Simulation of Uninterruptable power supply solution and the control logic systems.
  • Systems and Methods for Alarm Filtering and Management Within a Real-Time Data Acquisition and Monitoring Environment

“Traditionally, power system optimization has been a static and off-line activity undertaken by planners,” says Meagher. “These are real-time, logical simulation models for the prediction of power systems health and targeted for optimization. Applying Power Analytics’ technology in a real-time decision and management loop has not been available because modern electrical power systems are made even more complex because of the required redundancies in mission-critical data centers and other enterprise-sized operations. Once a facility is constructed, it can be extremely difficult and costly to track a system failure and take corrective action that doesn’t cause other system disturbances.”

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About Power Analytics Corporation

Power Analytics is a privately held developer of software solutions for the design, simulation, deployment, and preventative maintenance of complex electrical power systems.  Founded in 1983, the company’s Paladin software products are used by thousands of commercial, industrial, governmental and military customers worldwide to protect more than $100 billion in customer assets. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Power Analytics’ worldwide operations include more than 30 sales, distribution and support offices located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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