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Our Approach To Microgrids

We are the only patented real-time microgrid
monitoring and control solution in the world.

Every microgrid project we do starts with a Power Analytics Energy Alignment Plan analysis and power model built in DesignBase. We pressure-test the model to create a system that can can handle the multiple peaks and valleys in the demand for power and reserves available at any given time. After installation, the model is ready to drop  into Paladin Live, for the day to day monitoring and controlling of all the grid elements.

Our software can create a virtual model of your microgrid from your “back-of-the-envelope” design. We can help you anticipate important safety issues and explore optimization opportunities. We can integrate and reconfigure alternative system components, run best-case and worst-case scenarios, and help you develop the optimal system per your design criteria. Whether you intend to operate your microgrid in stand-alone mode or interconnect with the local utility, our modeling capability ensures that you will be fully aware of how your system will operate, prior to its construction.

Our team of professionals will then develop a comprehensive Feasibility Study for your proposed microgrid. We will consider your current and planned capacity and energy requirements and will configure an optimal system from a variety of generation options, such as photovoltaics, wind, natural gas and diesel turbines, combined heat and power systems, fuel cells, and/or storage. We will consider the communications capability necessary to give you real-time situational awareness through an easy-to-use command and control dashboard interface.

Finally, we will consider your desired level of power quality, building automation, and physical and cyber security. Additional assessments may be included, depending on your project.

Once all of these parameters are assessed and defined, we will build your virtual base-case microgrid model. We will run a variety of simulation scenarios to select best-in-class options, identify and eliminate redundancies, and test system reliability and resiliency. We will also gain an understanding of the system’s dispatch capability, power flow, power quality, voltage stability, arc flash, and circuitry safety under various ordinary and extreme scenarios. By putting this virtual microgrid model through its paces, you gain insights which could save millions in avoided development and construction mistakes.

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