SAN DIEGO, Calif. – November 22, 2011 – Power Analytics Corporation, the energy industry’s leader in advanced electrical power software solutions, was honored recently when the work of its Vice President of Consulting & Engineering, Silviu Darie, Ph.D., EE, PE, was chosen as the “Best Paper Presented” at this year’s IN-TECH conference from more than 300 technical papers authored by scientists and innovators worldwide. The paper was presented at the World Association for Innovative Technologies’ annual International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Dr. Darie’s presentation, “Photovoltaic Units Dynamic Models for Power System Integration” was co-authored by Power Analytics Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Meagher; Vice President of System Design, Wei Zhang, PhD., EE, PE, and VP System design, Jun Pan, PE, EE, and resulted from groundbreaking research conducted during a project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy in collaboration with the University of California at San Diego. As part of the project, Power Analytics’ research team developed sufficiently accurate steady-state and dynamic models for the PV power plant, for use by power system engineers to perform system integration studies. The models featured were developed using Power Analytics’ Paladin® DesignBase™ electrical power modeling platform.

“We are very proud that Dr. Darie’s presentation, the hard work of Power Analytics’ development team, and the capabilities of our new Paladin DesignBase software were recognized by the IN-TECH Scientific and Organizing Committees,” said Power Analytics Corporation Chairman and CEO, Mark A. Ascolese. “We see this honor as validating the unique photovoltaic modeling and simulation capabilities in our Paladin DesignBase 4.0 modeler, and further evidence that we have truly ushered in a new era in alternative energy engineering.”

Biography – Dr. Silviu Darie
Dr. Darie, one of the most respected power systems engineering experts in the world, has nearly 40 years’ experience as an industry consultant and university-level instructor in power system analysis computer applications, electrical energy distribution, electrical energy management, demand-side management, power quality, transmission pricing, embedded generation, and computer-aided power system analysis and design. In addition to earning both his Doctorate and Masters degrees in electrical engineering, he has authored or co-authored hundreds of technical books, student manuals, technical papers, and research projects. Dr. Darie has led nearly 180 successful electrical power projects. He has constructed 18 prototypes designed for mass production, holds three U.S. patents, and is experienced in most of the leading software programs for electrical engineering in use today. He has provided services to clients worldwide, and is a registered professional engineer in Romania, South Africa and New Zealand.

About the Paladin Family
The Paladin family of products helps organizations ensure their electrical power infrastructure is optimally designed (Paladin DesignBase), performs precisely as intended in terms of reliability and energy efficiency (Paladin® Live™), and operates flawlessly as organizations make real-time transitions between public and on-premise power sources (Paladin® SmartGrid™). The three software products work together to compare facilities’ live operations back to their original computer-aided design (CAD) model — just as a real-time GPS system calibrates with static mapping data — to detect deviations that could indicate potential problems. The Paladin platform is the only real-time, model-validated solution capable of diagnosing electrical power problems or energy inefficiencies at their earliest stages … long before they can have costly or catastrophic consequences.


About Power Analytics Corporation
Power Analytics is a privately held developer of software solutions for the design, simulation, deployment, and preventative maintenance of complex electrical power systems. Founded in 1983, the company’s Paladin software products are used by thousands of commercial, industrial, governmental and military customers worldwide to protect more than $100 billion in customer assets. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Power Analytics’ worldwide operations include more than 30 sales, distribution and support offices located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. For more information about Power Analytics and its products, visit


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