Power Analytics: Optimizing Microgrids

Up to 80 percent of business downtime is caused by internal electrical power problems, and Paladin Software solutions keep you from being one of them. You succeed by constantly measuring and diagnosing the health of your facility, zeroing in on potential problems before they become catastrophic events.

Your next-generation, hybrid power infrastructure comes under your complete control as you manage and optimize multiple sources of generation, balancing dynamic alternative energy sources with utility grid power generation. You optimize your microgrid, taming the diverse characteristics of co-generation, solar, wind, and/or battery power, always ready to intelligently transition from one source to another.

• With our vendor-agnostic Paladin Software Gateway solution, you can connect to virtually all components and data sources, affording you the ability to mix and match best-of-breed technologies.

• The Paladin Software DesignView solution provides the enormously useful yet elegantly simple way to build custom dashboards. Thanks to a fully customized, dynamic view, raw data once isolated in silos arrives front and center.

• Our Paladin Software Blackboard solution enables the simulation of real-time maintenance and what-if scenarios before attempting them live.