Raleigh, NC., October 28th, 2019 – Power Analytics Corporation, a leader in the development of advanced electrical power management solutions, has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for the 24th consecutive year. The certification, an international quality standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), means the company adheres to a continuous process improvement methodology that ensures the quality of its software and service products consistently meets or exceeds the requirements customers have today and will have in the future.

The certificate is applicable for the design, development and reproduction of safety-related electrical and power engineering software as well as the training services used by engineers worldwide. Power Analytics continues to take steps to ensure that world-class software applications and services are consistently delivered to its customers.

“This certification validates Power Analytics’ capabilities and provides a solid foundation for our vertical market expansion plans, particularly for the process industries which traditionally have a strong focus on ISO requirements,” said Stephen Knapp, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Energy Markets of Power Analytics. “Our commitment to successful compliance builds trust with our business partners and provides the additional assurance to our customers who choose our electrical power management solutions to support their mission critical applications across the globe.”

About Power Analytics Corporation

Power Analytics Global is a global next generation energy management company that specializes in asset lifecycle extension, intellectual property development, and real-time analytics and asset management for power and industries supported by power. The Company offers a global portfolio of end-to-end energy optimization and lifecycle management solutions developed from proprietary intellectual property, engineered systems, and operational expertise.  Power Analytics extensive suite of products include power asset life extension, operational servicing and automation, lifetime cost reduction, and real-time heterogeneous power source switching. Additional information regarding Power Analytics may be found on Power Analytics’ website at https://www.poweranalytics.com.


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