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-Power Analytics Corporation has been selected by the Metropolitan Council of Governments of Washington, D.C. to assess the viability of microgrid deployment within our nation’s capital.

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) clearly understands that energy supply is crucial to the safety, livability and economic vitality of the National Capital Region. Developing advanced microgrid systems throughout the National Capital Region that integrate and maximize the existing power infrastructure, while optimizing the use of renewable generation sources, advanced energy storage, distribution and control assets, will provide the energy security and stability the region requires.

Power Analytics and its partners, L J Manz Consulting and Microgrid Energy Solutions, will work together to provide consulting services for the planning and development of advanced microgrid solutions in the Washington, D.C. area. The project will begin this year with an assessment of the feasibility of microgrid deployments throughout the metropolitan district and the possible generation, distribution, renewable resources and control systems that will provide the most cost-effective, resilient and reliable power infrastructure.

Power Analytics’ patented solutions for microgrid assessment, development, integration and optimized operations will provide the COG with proven state-of-the-art solutions using Paladin DesignBase™ to study and design the microgrid and Paladin Microgrid Power Management System™ (MPMS), the industry’s only real-time hardware agnostic microgrid management software. Power Analytics was selected for this project due in part to its extensive portfolio of operational and economically viable microgrid systems at some of the nation’s most prominent universities and military bases. The company also recently announced their participation in seventeen additional microgrid feasibility projects in communities throughout New York as part of Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision project.

About Power Analytics
Embraced by the power industry for more than 30 years, Power Analytics’ software is at the forefront of the electrical system planning and operation space for energy intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids, and currently protects more than $120 billion in customer assets. Power Analytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Causam Energy, a leading developer of patented technologies and commercial applications that provide increased grid intelligence and optimization. Combining their innovative technologies, intellectual property and experienced management teams, the company plans to lead the way in solving power energy problems for the highly networked, next-generation energy grid. For more information, visit www.poweranalytics.com.


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