EnergyNet Allows Utilities to Create Modern Energy Infrastructures and Marketplaces

July 8, 2015 – Raleigh, N.C. – Power Analytics Corporation has unveiled its EnergyNet® platform, designed to operate effective and efficient energy marketplaces that satisfy the broader vision and requirements of the NY Reforming the Energy Vision (NY REV) initiative. This latest innovation from Power Analytics®, a subsidiary of Causam Energy®, will be showcased at New York’s REV Summit on July 29 and 30 in New York City.


EnergyNet is a focused business unit of Causam Energy. In combination with Power Analytics’ existing Paladin software platform, it is the only patented solution that can model, register, optimize, monitor, interconnect and transact with grid elements and energy systems, of any size, in real time. These platforms will drive the transformation of legacy power grids into modern real-time infrastructures, increasing reliability, choice and commerce. They will increase competition, create opportunities for new businesses, and give consumers greater understanding of energy options and opportunities, while providing utilities the visibility, control and additional monetary benefit of transactive energy.

In May, Power Analytics and partners Booz Allen Hamilton and Siemens announced they were awarded NYSERDA’s first REV microgrid project for the Village of Sherburne, N.Y. The three will study Sherburne’s plan for the microgrid to provide energy reliability and resiliency to the village’s fire and police departments, the Village Hall, a health clinic, and a wastewater treatment plant.

EnergyNet will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Causam Energy, based in Raleigh, and provide the network infrastructure, drive consumer engagement, and enable market transactions from any grid element regardless of the manufacturer. It will also enable third party applications to integrate with the platform. EnergyNet fulfills the stated goal of providing a way for New York’s distribution utilities to create a standardized, single and uniform market platform across the state.

“New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision is one of the most provocative and forward-thinking projects in the U.S. electric energy industry, and its success will brighten the industry’s horizon and raise the bar for innovation and performance,” said Kevin Meagher, President of Power Analytics. “We fully expect EnergyNet to demonstrate the platform that can provide the North American electric energy industry with solutions that benefit all Market Participants and end users.”


 The NY REV Summit will examine its Reforming the Energy Vision initiative and its impact on the energy industry as one of the first large-scale initiatives building the utility of the future. The REV Initiative tasks the New York Public Service Commission (NY PSC) to move the state’s energy sector towards a decentralized, market-based structure.

The EnergyNet® platform is the only patented software that fully meets all three objectives of the NY REV project.

 Power Analytics President Kevin Meagher will speak on the NY REV Summit panel: ‘Business Model and Policy Transformation—How Do Utilities Profitably Get into Distributed Solar, DG and Microgrid Markets?’ on Wednesday, July 29 at 1:30 p.m.

 Power Analytics will also be giving demonstrations of EnergyNet at the NY REV Summit. To arrange a demonstration, email Steve Lopiano at


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