Our newest course! Microgrid and Distributed Generation Training

  • Utilize this training to effectively complete an energy assessment for your project.
  • Learn how to complete a power flow study for optimizing your project.
  • Add DER and simulate designs to test your design against the power model.

Training Courses

Power Analytics is committed to providing the best power systems modeling and diagnosis products available; however, powerful tools are just the start.

Whether you need Paladin DesignBase software training, a general power system course, or assistance using our software on your projects, our training and continuing education courses are the perfect way to continually add depth to your power systems design knowledge.

We have expanded our training program to suit your needs for advanced technical training for industrial applications. Many of our classes are provided via online media. Our comprehensive list of classes is identified below; see how Power Analytics training meets your needs.

If you can’t make it to one of our sessions, we can come to you. Contact us at sales@poweranalytics.com.

Paladin DesignBase Training Courses  Learn More

DB-103: Power Modeling Essentials

DB-313: Advanced Power Systems Modeling

Paladin Live Training Courses  Learn More

PL-102: Paladin Live General Operation and Administration training

PL-202: Paladin Live General Operation and Administration Training — Advanced

Microgrid and Distributed Training Courses  Learn More

MG-101: Microgrid Distributed Generation Training for DesignBase

Additional learning methods with online tutorials and webinars