DesignBase™ Training Program


Paladin® DesignBase™ is the most comprehensive power systems engineering modeling platform available today and the only platform that allows design models to be re-deployed in live mode, using Power Analytics’ Paladin Live™ real-time model-validated analytics solution. Unlike conventional design/CAD packages, Paladin DesignBase gives power systems professionals the tools to create more than simple CAD drawings. The professional can create a robust electrical DesignBase—a detailed knowledge base of all the components, processes, and performance specifications of the entire electrical distribution system they are working on.

DB-103: Power Modeling Essentials (3 days)

Course Outline    Cost: $1,700 USD

Power Analytics’ Power Systems Modeling Essentials course is a three-day, hands-on workshop that teaches users how to build a power systems model, as well as perform studies for short circuit, protective device coordination, arc flash, and other engineering tasks. Students will learn basic Paladin DesignBase structure and features, tools management, and how to organize a project and the project files.

DB-313: Advanced Power Systems Modeling (3 days)

Course Outline     Cost: $3,000 USD

Power Analytics’ Advanced Power Systems Modeling course is a three-day, hands-on workshop for graduates of Power Analytics Power Systems Basic Training, and experienced Paladin DesignBase users. Students will learn advanced methodologies for power systems design, including Power Flow, Motor Starting, Transient Stability and harmonic Analysis.

MG-101: Microgrid Distributed Generation Training for DesignBase (5 days)

Course Outline    Cost: $TBD USD

Utilize this training to effectively complete an energy assessment for your project. Learn how to complete a power flow study for optimizing your project. Add DER and simulate designs to test your design against the power model.

On-Site Microgrid Distributed Generation Training for DesignBase ( Your Facilities – 5 days)

Course Outline    Cost: Starts at $15,000 USD

Power Analytics on site Microgrid course is a custom tailored version of the MG 101 training that is given on site for up to 10 attendees. The content of the course is able to be customized for your company’s ongoing projects and future needs.