Power Analytics Training Program Instructors

Power Analytics’™ training classes are taught by seasoned industry professionals. Each class is prepared with the audience in mind to gain the most benefit by attending the class. Each instructor conducts the class in a professional environment with all class material provided to enhance the topic being presented.

HoseinHosein Behmanesh is Power Analytics’ Senior Power System Engineer. Hosein has over 30 years experience in North and South America. His  extensive experience in Power Systems Engineering includes from feasibility study, detail design, commissioning to power systems studies.  Hosein has completed a number of power system studies for most of industries including T&D, nuclear, industrial, mining, cement and petro-chemical.  Hosein is proficient in most of power system analysis software including Paladin DesignBase™.  Hosein holds a Master of Engineering in Power System Analysis degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and currently is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the States/Provinces of: California, Utah, South Carolina, Quebec and Ontario.


PietroPietro Manni is an Independent Consultant Instructor for Power Analytics. He is the founder of PQ Logic Corporation, a think-tank consulting group which specializes in solving complex problems in the area of Power Quality. Pietro utilizes Power Analytics DesignBase software in his analysis of system faults, protective device coordination, arc flash, harmonics and transients in power systems. Parallel to project work, Pietro has delivered over 300 training sessions and seminars worldwide, conveying the technical use of modeling software, as well as engineering principles and practical field experience.