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Power Analytics provides a broad range of consulting services to industrial facilities and to the power and utility industry:

Major Power Studies:

  • Power Flow (AC/DC),
  • Short Circuit (AC/DC),
  • Protection Device Coordination,
  • Arc Flash (AC/DC),
  • Cable Ampacity,
  • Transmission Line Parameters

Advanced Power Studies:

  • Transient Stability,
  • Harmonic Analysis,
  • Ground Grid Design,
  • Motor Starting,
  • Voltage Stability,
  • Unbalanced Power Flow

Optimization Analysis:

  • Power System Optimization,
  • Reliability Assessment

A DesignBase Model is Engineering Art

  • We model your system–generation, distribution, load, protective devices, equipment, manufactures’ data, protection curves, etc. in Paladin DesignBase. Upon completion of the project, the model is provided to the client along with the other project deliverables.
  • We use the model to perform power studies (Arc Flash, Power Flow, Short Circuit, Protective Device Coordination).
  • Using DesignBase, our team can perform advanced studies and analytics on the model and stability of the system.
  • Using Paladin Live, the client can deploy the model in real-time mode to optimize real-world operations and connect to intelligent grid elements.

Our Approach

We believe that upgrading the traditional power grid to a distributed generation system, including microgrids, is the future of the industry. Our Paladin Software, including DesignBase, is the foundation on which we build all of our models and perform power studies that give you complete visibility, control and manageability of your power system. We have extensive experience with coordination, protective device and arc flash studies, and we are recognized experts in utility interconnect agreements and energy master plans, all using our world-renowned software and Professional Power Engineers.

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