As previously announced, Power Analytics and its partner Wizard Engineering International Corp. will be working with the USTDA and Parque City Panama on a feasibility study. To see the announcement, click here.

The objective of the Arco Seco Solar Power Project is to support the development of a 39.6 MW solar photovoltaic project in central Panama.  The Arco Seco Solar Power Project is expected to be among the first utility-scale solar projects in Panama.  The Project site is in one of the areas of Panama with the highest solar irradiation.  The Project would be built in four phases of 9.9 MW each.

The Study will evaluate the technical, commercial, and environmental viability of the Project, which would allow the Grantee to move forward with obtaining financing and securing the approvals necessary for Project implementation.  The Study includes the validation of the solar resource at the Project site, geotechnical and topographical analyses, preliminary engineering design, and preliminary environmental impact assessment, among other key tasks.  While the Study will focus on the development of the first phase of the Project, the results will be useful for scaling the project to 39.6 MW over four phases, given the similarity of the phases. This feasibility study will ensure that there are no environmental or other barriers that will prevent the project from moving forward, and to allow the Project sponsors to access debt financing.

The referenced project is a solar PV project with a designed capacity of nearly 40MW, located in Arco Seco, near Penonomé, the capital of the province of Coclé. The project site land measurement is approximately 70 hectares, and is within 125km southwest of Panama City, the project site location is within 3km of the Pacific Ocean, near a growing resort area. Arco Seco receives more than 5kWh/square meter/day of sunlight. The project site is in one of the parts of Panama with the highest solar irradiation. The high irradiation means that the Parque Solar Panamá can be cost-competitive with other generation in Panama.


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