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Power Analytics’ Paladin® University Program allows students to use our Paladin® DesignBase Xi™ electrical engineering software.

Please email for pricing and more information.

Paladin U – University Teaching Edition

The Paladin U Teaching Edition provides a one-year renewable network license for 20 seats of our Premium 100 Software Product for using in Electrical Engineering Departments for teaching and graduate level thesis research purposes only. It may not be used for grant-based or commercial research projects.

Requirements for this edition:

  • copy of course syllabus
  • signed letter from Department Head stating the software will be used solely for educational purposes at the university
  • feedback on the impact of student education using Paladin DesignBase


Paladin UR - University Research Edition (Graduate Student Grant-Based Research)

The Paladin University Research Edition would provide a permanent network license for 10 seats of our Power 2000 Product for use on grant-based or commercial research projects in graduate student studies. If a professor or student requires the software on a personal computer, we will issue a one-year temporary license for that PC installation. The user associated with that PC installation should have a valid university email account.

Requirements for this edition:

  • signed letter from Department Head
  • signed letter from Graduate Student Advisor stating use of software for particular graduate student group(s)
  • number of Masters students that will complete the program using Paladin DesignBase
  • examples of specific applications where Paladin DesignBase will be used and results

Paladin Research Lab - Additional Analytical Capabilities (For Purchase)

Paladin Research Lab enables researchers to run DesignBase analytic function (power flow, voltage stability, etc.) within their research environment (e.g. mat lab, C#, etc.) It also enables programmable read/write into DesignBase database. This is well-suited for university research, development of microgrid control algorithms, and much more.

Users must have DesignBase; this is not a stand-alone product.


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