Strategic Partners

Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform simplifies, accelerates, and improves control over big data infrastructure for Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Edge/IoT. Its unique ability to deliver highly-performant representations of large, disparate data sources eliminates the need to pre-aggregate or federate, thus reducing data delivery cycles and data gravity. Global 2000 organizations rely on Molecula to achieve a data-driven enterprise by accelerating decision-making, enabling real-time customer segmentation, and analyzing large, distributed datasets across any cloud, from core or edge. Molecula’s differentiated approach to data access allows enterprises to access all of their data at the speed of thought, reducing the time and cost it takes to go from data to decision. Molecula is based on Pilosa, an open-source project with 2,000+ users across many tier-one organizations. 


Molecula and Power Analytics have partnered to solve the data challenges of IT departments in the network infrastructure industry. This powerful partnership enables providers to: 

  • Optimize the high costs of updating infrastructure and expanding network capacity
  • Create scalable and flexible solutions
  • Real-time visibility into assets and network health
  • Enabling the most accurate predictive power models (Power Digital Twin)
  • Reducing OPEX with an ROI measured in months
  • Access to data to make decisions anywhere, any time
  • Elimination of copying, moving, or caching sensitive data
  • Unrivaled data scalability & performance
  • Feeding and improving models with collective intelligence


The ability to get out ahead of customer needs and make plans based on real-time data is especially critical at this very moment considering an estimated 2.7 trillion dollars will be spent deploying 5G and IoT infrastructures by the end of 2020.

Download the Solutions Brief here.