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    • Power Analytics Design Model
    • Power Analytics: Optimize with SmartGrid
  • Design, Simulate, Analyze, Model, Optimize

    • Power Analytics’ world-class Paladin® Software gives energy management and electrical engineering professionals control over their critical power infrastructures from design and modeling to simulation and analysis, saving thousands of dollars, eliminating downtime, recovering stranded load capacity and optimizing business continuity.

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    Paladin WSM — Improving White Space Management

    Paladin® WSM™, the right solution for white space management, integrates facilities and IT technology to improve the management of Power, Space, and Cooling — three areas that have historically been difficult to get right in the datacenter. Paladin WSM gives you practical tools to address challenges in your Remote Power Panels, server racks, and the air conditioning you provision to manage white space temperatures.

    Check out our videos of Paladin WSM here. Just for taking a look, we’ll send you a free Starbucks gift card as our thanks for your time!