Use Cases

What industry doesn’t use data?

We started our company building solutions to collect and analyze power data and over the years we have seen data play a larger role in every industry. We have refined solutions to fulfill the data needs of customers in each market segment and impacting each department, eliminating corporate silos.

Innovations to Help Across Industries

New demands bring significant opportunities for across various industries to during the new age of digital transformation. Managing growing cyber risk, justifying new investments to regulators, preparing for or responding to natural disasters, and improving the customer experience, just to name a few.

Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • End-to-end digital twin of critical data to prevent production and service loss during cyber attacks
  • Provide simulations to help with prioritization, planning, and maintenance
  • Save millions on costs and maximize efficiency in mission critical data
  • Quantitative evaluation for criticality
  • Examining situational awareness and how to reduce human error
  • Limiting unnecessary labor costs and downtime
  • Managing disparate systems & equipment
  • Planning for stranded capacity and maintenance
  • Managing and optimizing supply chains and resources
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Power modeling, AC/DC grid integration
  • Use-case scenario analysis

Our Solutions

Enterprise Data

Today’s data-packed world requires a lot of organization. Our Asset Optimization software allows you to connect data from various sources for modeling and simulation, providing full visibility of factors affecting and influencing your enterprise.

We can help you organize your data to better understand:

  • Exposure of critical components impacting large motors and resiliency
  • Operational efficiency with view of ALL assets in real-time
  • Production efficiency to impact top and bottom line
  • Supplier exposure and cost
  • Consumer behavior

Power Control Router

Our Power Control Router (PCR) can control the delivery, charging, discharging, and storage of electric power between a number of heterogeneous power generation, storage, and consumption devices. The intelligence of the router can route electric power from a source to a destination based on cost, grid availability, need, load, or other specific user designated reasons. The Power Control Router connects heterogenous power generation, power storage, and power consumption elements together in a manner that allows sites to create and optimize a critical power virtual network with the greatest amount of uptime (99.999%) at the lowest cost.

The PCR directs the generation, storage, and use of electricity on a given site based on costs, availability, and a number of other mechanisms based on the sensor input of the network and user input of a server. By using proprietary software algorithms and artificial intelligence, the PCR can predict and prevent a site from going down, by automatically engaging the critical power virtual network to start and becoming the most reliable and cost effective power source for the site until the predictive default alert is corrected.


Telecommunications is a complex industry that needs complex data solutions.

Some of the telecommunication industry’s most significant challenges in the new decade are managing growing cyber risk, justifying new investments to regulators, and preparing for or responding to natural disasters. Unplanned network downtime costs carriers $15 billion per year, and data integrity issues such as legacy databases and mismatched data formats, must be solved to minimize mean time to repair and outage costs.

On top of this, telecommunication providers must continue to meet increasing consumer demands as Internet service providers and long term evolution (LTE) networks become increasingly important in individuals’ lives.

Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • Make real-time decisions with access to all data in one location
  • Nanogrid design for resiliency
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