Asset Optimization™

Taking Asset Management Beyond the Basics

Asset Optimization™ integrates data from any data source including any power modeling application, financial data, and any real time data, including pandemic and severe weather conditions. Using ISO 55000 standards to flexibly rank any critical asset from workforce to HVAC. Asset Optimization™ can be a SaaS subscription service or on premise, depending on the needs of the organization. Once connected, it maintains an uninterrupted, 360° view of power infrastructures, to continually assess the real-time “health” of equipment and systems, by examining the cross-infrastructure dependencies between the electrical distribution system and related business processes.

Power Analytics takes asset management beyond the basics by recognizing the relationship of every system one single asset interacts with, and the impacts that asset has to every department involved.

By identifying the critical points we can quickly build an efficient virtual model, which leads to better prioritization and modeling, forecast maintenance and preventive failure, and ability simulate different scenarios, all at minimal risk. View all network and asset data in one place and instantaneously for better utilization and control. Easily deployed and integrated at a low-cost. Ability to view all assets in a network by region or enterprise-wide for high-level overview and insights in real-time.

Asset Management


Our Asset Optimization™ asset management system is built off of the following principles…


  • Real-time
  • Automation
  • Simulation
  • Prioritization
  • Cost analysis
  • Project planning
  • Workforce optimization
  • Safety

Our program allows you to consider…


  • Asset health index
  • Completeness index
  • Residual life
  • Criticality
  • Probability of failure
  • ROI
  • Expected and unexpected changes
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