Quantum Safe Data Trust

Quantum Safe Data Trust

Our Quantum Safe Data Trust is enabled by our patent pending Power Pulse Technology. Our Quantum Safe Data Trust allows businesses, government entities and individuals to securely send data via a quantum resistant network. We offer integrated, secure solutions for harnessing distributed data from many nodes. We provide many ways for our customers to make sense out of their data for real-time decision making.

  • Set-up provided via a software layer that sits in front of a customer’s security layer that will make all data and participants communications Quantum Safe
  • A dynamic and continuous real-time authentication network resistant to any brute force hacks
  • Real-time Data authentication and certification for all users
  • Continuous adversarial user authentication and traceability
  • Flexible architecture able to be applied to many data types
  • Configurable data-focused integration ability with outside applications and any legacy systems


As we transition into the Quantum computing paradigm, the challenges that our digital world will face are going to be exponentially greater than the issues we faced with the Y2K transition. Quantum computers will be able to crack most of today’s encryption. Businesses must be prepared for the revolution that quantum computing will spark.


What is Quantum Safe security?

Quantum Safe security is protection that is both ENABLED by Quantum Technology and IMPERVIOUS to Quantum-based attacks

Communication, data transmission, and storage will be secure, anonymous, unhackable, and virtually untraceable to outsiders not using the system. 

Quantum Safe protection adapts and changes on ANY attempt to measure and read the information being communicated rendering even Quantum attacks ineffective.

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