What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a real-time, data-focused virtual system that operates in parallel to a set of analog elements and processes that can facilitate operational efficiency, measurement, simulation and prediction.

It provides a two-way feedback loop that can greatly reduce errors, improve operational velocity, efficiency and offer high value business insights.

Digital Twins offer a way to measure, quantify, and automate where none have existed prior.


What is an eLab?

 An eLab is a remote, mobile diagnostics platform that provides point-of-care laboratory testing to any market of individuals, whether self-administered at home or at any other physical location.

Without the need for a doctor referral or waiting, an eLab puts healthcare in the hands of anyone at significantly lower costs.

Paired with real-time diagnostics, eLabs drastically cut wait times on test results directly to the individual. Diagnostics panels include everything between regular check-up lab work, to nutrient deficiencies, and even life saving diagnostics: cardiac, respiratory, diabetes, and infectious.

eLab vs. Traditional Lab


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