Power Control Router

Our Power Control Router (PCR) can control the delivery, charging, discharging, and storage of electric power between a number of heterogeneous power generation, storage, and consumption devices. The intelligence of the router can route electric power from a source to a destination based on cost, grid availability, need, load, or other specific user designated reasons.

The Power Control Router is the equipment at a site that connects heterogenous power generation, power storage, and power consumption elements together in a manner that allows sites to create and optimize a critical power virtual network with the greatest amount of uptime (99.999%) at the lowest cost.

The PCR directs the generation, storage, and use of electricity on a given site based on costs, availability, and a number of other mechanisms based on the sensor input of the network and user input of a server. By using proprietary software algorithms and artificial intelligence, the PCR can predict and prevent a site from going down, by automatically engaging the critical power virtual network to start and becoming the most reliable and cost effective power source for the site until the predictive default alert is corrected.

The PCR integrates with and communicates with any and all existing hardware and software stacks at the site, data center or cloud. The PCR detects and operates in any natural languages that the site is located. The PCR uses real-time GPS to send a push notification alert once a default error is detected and has a redundant fail safe back-up handoff to another PCR sitting offsite in a datacenter and or cloud provider in the event the PCR is removed from the site.





Hierarchical view of a network and its critical resources

Functional filtering of sites with color coded alerts

Custom on demand status and analytics across all sites

Analyze Site requirements

Network Utilization

Outage protection

Upgrade readiness

Facilitate technology deployment strategies

Track MSP response time and accountability

Visually Identify problems and opportunities across hundreds of data fields on tens of thousands of sites

Filter, zoom, analyze and slice data for reports and further analysis in real-time on ENTIRE Network

IP Platform Architecture

Automated provisioning, analytics, monitoring, and life-cycle management for all Power Control Routers managed through a single system with customizable dashboards.

The web portal delivers a smooth user experience and neatly presents all of the context-sensitive data

Automatically deploys site appliances with pre-provisioned settings and dynamically connects them to a user defined hierarchical network.

For advanced configuration and automation, virtual network appliances can be accessed later by web-portal or CLI.

A rich set of APIs for easy integration with OSS and BSS systems, including billing.

Performance monitoring functions as well as a meaningful representation of the different kinds of analytical data for the traffic passing through the network or a particular site.

Life cycle management includes instantiation, scaling the virtual network up and down, performance measurement and finally, termination of the appliance when requested, either by the customer or as required by the network operator.

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