About Us

Power Analytics is a team of proven operators using a differentiated high-quality technology platform to protect mission-critical communications, data, and business operations for enterprises and their customers. Our suite of world-class software, cloud platform, and next-generation AI are built on proprietary intellectual property and decades of engineering and design expertise. Our platforms allow customers to take full control of their critical network infrastructure, reduce costs, improve data security, automate operations, optimize business continuity and improve business reliability.

Power Analytics’ history stems from the development and support of electrical power system designs, simulations, and analytics software.

Power Analytics products are used to ensure the fail-safe operation of data and network operations centers, manufacturing plants, nuclear power facilities, deep sea oil platforms, aircraft carriers, submarines, Federal Aviation Administration networks, and other complex structures with uncompromising electrical power requirements. The total value of assets protected by Power Analytics technology is more than $120 billion.

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