Cybersecurity Services

We give you the power to be self-reliant and secure.

Our data scientists and analysts have a background in advanced data network systems and cybersecurity. Utilizing our world-class software, our professionals provide data analysis, power, and cybersecurity services. These services fall into three major categories: asset optimization, design, and complex systems support.


  • Data collection support
  • Asset completeness index
  • Dashboard development
  • Integration for on-premise solutions
  • Integration for cloud solutions


  • Advanced modeling
  • Use-case scenario analysis
  • Evaluation of critical infrastructure

Systems Support

  • IoT and power modeling in real-time
  • Digital twin
  • Real-time simulations
  • Secure, on-premise or cloud-based
  • Distributed solutions

Our platform approach addresses the large and growing cybersecurity market. We provide our customers with complete visibility and automation as well as advanced AI/ML analytics. We secure our clients’ data by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of the digital interaction. Non-AI or data-driven cybersecurity is becoming obsolete. Enterprises need to increasingly operate with a hybrid, multi-cloud approach. We employ a modular suite of products to address a wide range of complex problems.



  • Quantum Safe Data Trust: a multi-dimensional dynamic security platform
  • Data Classification
  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Protection
  • Reporting (Dashboards, Alerts, Incident Response and Recovery)
  • Automatic and Manual Response
  • Alert prioritization & response
  • Highly scalable, multi-cloud platform with native zero trust
  • AI/ML Driven Data platform for automated, intelligent response
  • API Driven
  • Modular offering that can cater to all enterprise segments

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