Quantum Private Network

QPN provides the communication backbone for ‘Better-than-Blockchain’ infrastructure and is a next gen impenetrable virtual private network that will provide Quantum Safe Cybersecurity to all users. Quantum Safe security is protection that is both ENABLED by Quantum Technology and IMPERVIOUS to Quantum-based attacks. Communication, data transmission, and storage will be secure, anonymous, un-hackable, and virtually untraceable to outsiders not using our system. QPN provides security at quantum speed and be capable of aggregating traffic from multiple disparate sources and device types.  

Our technology operates at normal room temperature, requires ZERO cryogenics, and can be miniaturized to enable many use cases outside the realm of competitive Quantum architectures. Using quantum to protect against hackers, detecting attacks before they even happen. 

Quantum Private Network paired with our next generation data approach provides user the tools to protect against tomorrow’s threats, today. Protecting billions of physical and digital assets before any threat attempt can even be implemented.



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